Analysis: Cardinals have reason not to activate Bradford

After three regular season games, Sam Bradford jersey, who is famous for his physique and glass, has not been injured yet, but he is no longer a Cardinals starter. At the moment, Rosen seems to have a good chance of keeping his start until the end of the regular season, and indirectly saved the Cardinals a lot of money.

Bradford’s current contract includes a fixed salary of $15 million and a bonus of $5 million per game. When he first signed, most of the speculation was that injury would be the biggest factor affecting his bonus. Now that Bradford has little chance to play, the Arizona Cardinals jerseys naturally have reason not to activate him.

If Bradford was not activated, the Cardinals would save $312,500, or $4.06 million a week, nearly a million more than Rookie Rosen’s salary cap space ($3.399 million). It also partly explains why Cardinals coach Steve Wilks waited until Sunday night to announce a substitution decision, and why Bradford refused to answer reporters’questions about being relegated to the bench on Friday night.

Bradford, the No. 1 pick in 2010, has made $129 million in his career, but he has played only 83 games.