Last season after seeing the next dolphin wild card to get let management envy, off-season to do so much action is to make the playoffs, you know the Bill team since 1999 and also don’t know what it is in the playoffs. But in the American League East, a season to face two patriot enough headaches, and Bill team has a third year difficult schedule, which makes their promotion prospects become more bleak, but Bill last season as the only beat the Patriots with the team this season, may continue to try in the head of Jupiter on earth.

Season forecast: 5 wins, 11 losses, missed playoffs

Four – Taylor Rhodes Wei Thailand for two consecutive years stable came more than 3000 yards is in the rising period of occupation career, it looks 3000 yards ordinary quarterback level, but to know that Bill’s passing attempts in the league in the last one, can have such data and play really is not easy. The new season Taylor’s main catch weapons for a time, Sami Watkins replaced Jordan Mathews, rookie Jones Karzai in training performance is good, he will be the replacement. Marquez – Goodwin and Robert – Woods left the team and signed Andrea Holmes and amkhan – but after amkhan bolding – bolding, came to Bill, after two days announced his retirement, the loss of such a good external over, have to say is a big regret, Bill’s passing attack is still a long way to go.

Defensive team

Coach McDermott Ben is the defensive team coach, during his tenure in the Panthers have achieved good results, plus the Bill defense team are looking as young people, believe that he will succeed here, at least not play like last year lost points ranked sixteenth lost this level. In those days, Bill also has all kinds of Williams, with the Sea Hawk, Vikings defensive team par, but with the aging and loss of personnel, their defensive quality in recent years, worse and worse. The new season the Bill team is different with the previous season they will by Rex Ryan during the 3-4 defensive formation to 4-3 defense system, which makes the team can be composed of four front terrorist group, by the veteran Kell – Williams sits, Marcel – a Leiesi collocation and Jerry – Hughes and cheap nfl jerseys the rapid growth of the second grade students’ – Lawson cope with union general offensive lines.

We must continue to observe linebacker, Ramon Humber since joining since Bill has not been too much playing time in the anti run, the young Princeton Brown is doing well, but Lorenzo – Alexander to play the 4-3 defense system whether it will continue after his excellent play, will be the key.

In fact, the defense should be most worried about is the team’s second defense, Stephen Gilmore, who defected in the patriot, Ronald Darby was sent to the case, the team wants to rely on big star first show in Louisiana, White and Weiesi waight radar angle from the packers signed Micah Hyde to fill the vacancy, or more difficult in addition, the former Brown team safety Jordan – pojer and ram for Gaines E.J. from May to solution as pressing danger. Overall, Bill’s running is something we can trust, but we still need to keep watching.

Secret Service

The Seahawks fans should be no stranger to Stephen Howe, the name of the SCT, especially after the game finished 6 last season to 6 tie cardinals. The new season will be Bill Hauschka team played kicker. The reason is because he was kicked out of 35 additional points unexpectedly missed 6, compared with the hit rate of 89.2% free kicks, additional points really ought to do. After the receiver Brandon Tate came to Bill has not much playing time, but he in return also show a good gift for the new season, he will continue to serve as the role of hand back attack.

Season outlook

After the coaching staff made a switch, we might see a strange Bill in the new season. His offense was like a horse nike nfl jerseys defense, like a panther, and maybe the fiftieth Super Bowl left a deep impression on the boss. Although the coach, but Bill will still have a ground offensive led the team, Le Sean – Mccoy is still just outside, the team took over the hull.