Finish in 4 seconds

Beijing time at 8:30 on October 3rd morning. Kansas City Chiefs jerseys face the Washington Redskins. The Emirates were the only unbeaten team in the League before this game. Alex – Smith has proved his strength as a champion since the opening game against the Patriots, and the first three scenes of rookie run guard Kareem Hunter are also brilliant. In contrast, the Washington Redskins, although the first game loss to the Hawks, but the team also took two wins to challenge the chiefs quarterback Kirk cousins on Friday has just ushered in his first child. In the end, the red shirt team lost the game against the Emirates at 20:29. Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith 37 to 27, 293 yards, 1 touchdowns. Redskins quarterback Kirk cousins 24 pass 14, 215 yards, 2 touchdowns.

Game Focus

At the start of the game, the Red Guard’s Robert Kelly opened fire and helped the team advance through the half court with a series of runs. At the Emirates halftime 44 yards, quarterback Kirk cousins a sudden coup, long pass, found wide receiver Terrell Pryor completed a touchdown, with just 3 minutes to 3 straight start chiefs a head-on blow, 7:0. And the defending team of red skin team is also unwilling to lag behind, come up to give Smith of Alex of chief quarterback, come to capture capture. The Emirates didn’t even get a good throw – kick position, allowing the red shirts to start straight from the half court. And the opening of the red team state is good, Kirk – test choice through his own ball to run the 4 file 1 yards. In front of the chieftains, the red team’s road attack was seen by the chiefs, even though they failed to reach the goal, and Dustin, Hopki, hit the ball free and went on to rewrite the score, 10:0. Redskins apparently defense chiefs rookie running back Kareem Hunter ace do enough preparation, but Alex Smith found tight end Travis Kelsey scored the game’s first first attack.

The Emirates didn’t open the attack in the second quarter, and they couldn’t play two or 3 shifts. However, the red team did not continue to pull the score. At the end of the first half before the game, the chiefs and came to the Redskins 17 yards before the end zone. Finally, Alex – Smith Travis – Kelsey completed a long touchdown 10:7. Quarterback Alex – Smith played the running guard in the last 40 seconds and ran out of 32 yards. Then again found the near end Travis – Kell and scored 20 yards. Unfortunately, kicker Harrison Butko failed to hit a free kick 46 yards, but failed to score in the first half before the end of.

After the half court came back, the chief team recovered the attack, Travis – Kelsey continued to play well, the team is also more flowering. In the end, link – Smith is relying on their own ability to shoot the ball, in front of the red collar team won the touchdown, anti super score, 10:14. The offensive team Washington Redskins jerseys again go into battle, Kirk Cousins pass to Vernon Davies after the proximal front field of various flash turn maneuvers, flexible pace off the layers of defenders and scored 69 yards yards to run the ball, directly to the chiefs of red zone. Finally, Ryan Grant finished the ball, 17:14. The chiefs to continue moving steadily, while the defense Redskins have been fooled, cheated the continuous early, many times to the chiefs sent first attack. Alex – Smith still played too conservative, 7 minutes, 40 seconds of attack, in the end only to get a free kick. Kicker Harrison Butko missed the 26 yard free kick, 17:17.

The last section, the two sides once again stood on the same line, the red team up to attack. Chiefs of the running guard Kareem – Hunter is also a series of meritorious service to help the team came to the half court. In the face of the 2 file 20 yards pass, Kareem – Hunter is also not empty, powerful shot scored 16 yards. The Emirates took a 8 minute pass to get a free kick. At 17:20, they took the lead 5 minutes before the end of the game. Kirk also demonstrated his strong personal ability. Two consecutive 3 shift, have chosen to run out of pocket, take the first attack. Unfortunately, the red team’s final attempt failed, and the kicker Dustin – Hopki hit the 40 yard free kick, again tied the score, 20:20. Alex Smith did not often used in dozens of seconds before the end of the game finally came the ball, helping the team win a free kick 43 yards. Harrison hit the jumper Butko, 20:23. The chiefs finally in the Redskins fought a gamble to grab the ball, also scored a touchdown, but the victory has been set under the condition of no choice to play additional points. At 20:29, the Emirates started with 4 straight wins this season, giving the Emirates a perfect start this season. The Redskins game defense made too many mistakes, have great chance to end the Emirates team wins, but the work not completed.