The cowboy in the 2018 season will not be the same as before: the Dez Bryant and the Jason Witten last season finished 132 times for the team, pushing 1398 yards and getting 11. But the two people have left the team.

For the Dak Prescott, this is not a worry.

“People give high standards to cowboys. It’s not easy to surprise them.” Prescott said, “but those who have gone, who are missing the topic, indeed, our famous giant stars have become less, but this will only enhance our desire for victory.”

In the draft, the cowboy used the Michael Gallup, the Michael Gallup, the Cedric Wilson, and the Tavon Austin, and Austen may also be responsible for the running.

For the proximal front, the cowboy jerseys was selected (Dalton Schultz), (Geoff Swaim), (Blake Jarwin), (Rico Gathers) and (David Wells).

Prescott said, “I really like the way forward. After finishing OTA and mini camp, I am satisfied with the attitude, energy, winning and vitality of the team nfl jerseys. On the day of the end of OTA or mini training camp, no one rushed home and worked hard on holidays, which is exactly what we need.

Jerry, Les, 55 years old, feels like he can still play.

The 49 players in former San Francisco didn’t seem to be very old, after 44 – year – old (Terrell Owens), 55 – year-old (Jerry Rice) also said in an interview that he could play again.

Les told ESPN: “until today, I still feel this way, and I can play basketball again, even though I am 55 years old. I am one of those who believe they think they are old. As long as I want to, I can go back to the field, take him 80 balls, and create amazing data. I think I still have explosive power and I can get rid of it. ”

It is a pity that the idea of a retired player is not in the minority, and it is a pity that the idea is largely due to the assumption that he has been swept away by his experience. However, he is still recognized as the best player in history, holding many league records.