Beijing time at 8:30 on September 11th, the first round of the season NFL2017 regular season, Dallas Cowboys will sit home against the same area rivals New York giants challenge, the following is the preview of this game, let’s take a look at it!

Last year as the country top cowboy League East regular season into the playoffs, 13 wins and 3 losses with the League of nations top seed, but the three game is lost, including giants beat, cowboys headed quarterback Prescott came out just a touchdown also sent two steals in two of the giants in the game, quarterback the score of less than 60, so that is not a giant cowboy killer.

However, Feng Shui turns, before the game, there are different players on both sides of the team:

NFL fight on Sunday night

The main Dallas Cowboys running back Elliot Kiel has offseason in “domestic violence door”, was banned for six league matches, but now Elliot’s appeal to help The path winds along mountain ridges., he can win a game, this is obviously not willing to see the giants. But Elliot last year, the two New York giants cheap jerseys of the same performance of the doldrums, add up to 160 yards, 1 touchdown data is far below the average, the giants running so that he did not have any temper. But when foreign giants accepted Beckham cannot play the first game, while Elliot and Prescott are twin cowboy go into battle, the two of them on the giant defense caused great impact.

Compared to the cowboys, the giants will be unlucky, take over Odell – Beckham in pre-season injury, currently confirmed and will not appear in the team’s big list. The coach Mcadoo believes it will return to the following two points: 1. turnovers, pay attention to the protection of the ball, because last season they dropped the ball 22 times ranked second in the league. 2. give the defensive team a dead order, ask Elliot to limit the ball, and continue to cause pressure on Prescott. In the end, the emphasis was placed on limiting the size of the opponent’s large number of yards. It sounds like Mcadoo seems to have faith in his own attacking team, but he’s not very confident about his defence.

The giant’s attack can only be considered as the middle level of the league. It can beat the attacking team like the cowboys. The two teams are very close, the giants can double play opponents also have luck, two game scores were 19:20 and 10:7, even combined giant only won 4 points, can be said that the strength of both sides in about the same. Who will win the game or play on the spot?.

It is also worth noting that the proximal Cowboys winger Jason Witten will play his fifteenth season, he now only 17 yards beyond Michael – Erwin (11904 yards), becoming the club’s history. The game has Mawang, he hopes to complete this feat!

Before the game winning prediction:

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New York Giants::45%