Addie – ray, lose weight, and reap the bonus

From the Green Bay Packers to the Seattle Seahawks running back Addie Kids Bears Jerseys Pink RESINES recent weight change, he now weighs 253 pounds to, but also for Leixi, successful weight loss benefits not only can make him more light, he can get a $55 thousand bonus to lose weight, this is a stipulation in his contract project.

Addie – ray is probably one of the few people in the world who can afford to lose money. She signed a contract with the Seattle Seahawks in about $385 thousand is to encourage Rethy to lose weight. Lei Xi has completed the first item in the contract, then he must to 250 pounds in August, and in September to November he needs to be keeping their weight at 245 pounds, so he can step by step to $385 thousand in total weight bonus. Pete’s weight for Pete, Carol still has something to say.

“He looks great. He looks good. He’s big. He wants to keep going. He’ll do some special work. He can do whatever we ask him to do. He’s doing great.”. His attitude is very good, he can be perfect integration with our system, we can work together with him to achieve new heights.” Pete Carol said.

Chief new star suffered robbery and survived

He’s done we expect him to do it, we find that he threw the ball to him, the opponent must guard him, Kids Bears Jerseys Pink his performance tonight was unbelievable, I think the next every game his performance will not be worse than today.”
The warriors only appeared 4 turnovers, they forced the Knights 20 turnovers, which is key to their conversion sharp attack, popular attack area. Green said: “if we can stick to this set of blueprints, protect the ball and defend it, we can put ourselves in a very good position.”. If we play and play our own style, the sky is our limit.”

“When you face the knight mistakes, they become impossible to be blocked, if Lebron James and Erwin Naga Naoi, plus their outside the shooter, you are not prevented, so before the game we prepared for it, we must cherish every ball.”

Kansas chief in the first round of the twelfth overall selection of Patrick Ma Holmes, chief of the pay and the young man and was cast to the wind, his other friends suffered robbery in Dezhou, but good luck, in addition to being robbed of some property, the young man did not encounter personal security problems.

According to Dezhou police, they after watching a baseball game, a car was blocked, then a robber robbed the car out of a lot of pedestrian property. Even so, but after a police investigation, the Dezhou police successfully detected the case, the successful arrest of two suspects, and in their car also found Ma Holmes and others were robbed of property. The police also said it was an accidental case, and Ma Holmes was not targeted.

This incident is more dangerous, but Patrick Ma Holmes did not have other problems is a blessing, the chief is specially issued a statement saying they did not appear to be thankful for other problems.

Experienced in the finals last season 3-1 was overturned after the warriors matured a lot, even if they Kids Bears Jerseys Pink can position war misfiring, defense score. “Experience always helps,” says Green. “You learn from past experiences and you grow up.”.”

Like last year’s finals, finals this year or knight tried to use the pick and roll to eat strong Stephen curry, but curry is not affected. Talking about Library roll defense, Green said: “he was also praised his fix (didn’t let us help).