Red ball new season the Vikings offensive to resurrect, receivers will have to more output, but the line can protect the braford will be the key to success.

Defensive team

Coach Zimmer (Mike) is a defensive coach born, and defensive base has always been the base of the Vikings’ team building. Under the kymore tune, the Vikings had defense alliance first 5 levels. Last year, they had five players in the professional bowl, and star players were on the back lines. Linval Joseph scored an astonishing 77 runs last season, as well as 4 kills and 3 balls, praised by Gilmore as the best defensive spike he had ever seen. Defensive end Griffen (Everson) in the transmission, pressure is still good, won the 8 capture. In addition to two selected professional bowl defensive forward brother, young defensive (Danielle Hunter) last year in a limited number of stalls to get an amazing 12.5 times to kill, the new season he will be promoted to the starting line-up. And the main candidate of the three technical defensive cross cutting will be produced by the veteran (Tom Johnson) and the packers (Datone Jones) and the four round Johnson (Jaleel).

The side outside linebacker last year suffered some injuries affect (Anthony Barr) the state of decline, he released 4 touchdowns and 135 quarterback scores in the anti Chuan, missed 8 tackles, in the anti run are often blocked and release free, but 70 tackles 2 sacks and 4 passes defensive performance still let him for second consecutive years in the occupation bowl. Inside linebacker (Eric Kendricks) established in the second grade main position, he had 109 tackles and 2.5 sacks and 9 pass defensed 1 steals and return touchdown and 1 manufacturing dropped the ball stopped running, preventing a percentage of 10.2, only 85.3 of the anti Chuan also released quarterback score is only limited neither strong and unpleasant physical conditions, the number of blocked some of the higher. Status has long been better than the Greenway (Chad) finally chose to retire, (Emmanuel Lamur) and (Edmond Robinson) will compete for the weak side of the first position of the outside guard.

Another year of 38 year old veteran Newman (Terence), the average anti pass only released 0.57 yards, ranked first in the league. Who is on the reaction speed, angle demanding position, many star cornerback after the age of 30 can only face straight down the reality, once all play safetys Newman to win the second spring in the past few years, it is unbelievable. He and Rhodes is behind the first round of the 2015 11 show (Trae Waynes), show the ups and downs he need to prove themselves in the new season, but the first preseason game he will shoulder injury leave wholesale nhl jerseys off to a bad start. Last year, the two round of the show (Mackensie Alexander) will replace Captain Munnerlyn) as the left angle of groove guard. Qiang Wei of the main candidates is still (Andrew Sendejo), although not the same as the white line partner Harrison Smith, but he is an above average starter.

As long as it doesn’t suffer from a large area of injuries, the Vikings’ defensive team can definitely rely on their thighs.

Secret Service

Kay Barth

Last season’s provisional Forbath (Kai), although 11 free kicks all hit, but he missed 3 additional points shot, (Marshall Koehn) will challenge his position. Play hand (Jeff Locke) in the abandoned two years after joining the team contract pony, signed former Cardinals (Ryan Quigley), and he also compete (Taylor Symmank). The five round of the rookie wide receiver (Rodney Adams) will take over from the star return back to attack the handkerchief Patterson, picking up the banner. After a big shake up of the secret service team, will be in the new season to accept the test of actual combat.

Prospects for the new season

This year the Vikings were enemies of the same district, South and North America nfl jerseys online, and red and ram. The race may be a bit less difficult than the packers and lions of the same area, but the direct contest with the partition rivals and competitors will be crucial to get the playoff seat. The powerful defensive team is the biggest strength of the Vikings, but the attacking frontal line is also crucial. In addition, will the status of the 52 Super Bowl host play a motivating role?

Forecast record: 9 wins 6 flat 1 negative, second in the north, to the League of nations second wild cards.