With the draft this NFL offseason the most important end of the project, we will also be division as a unit, as we gradually launched this year the teams in the draft performance assessment. Today is the first article for us — Eastern league.

Division 1: new England patriots, score A

The original lineup vulnerabilities: defensive end, line guard, attack, cut the front

Why didn’t the first round and second round mark get a A score? Because they use the two patriots signed for Brandon Cousteau and Berlusconi – Yili, the former is a remote ball machine, which will become the main team defensive end. The only thing they have is the contract. Kukes has two more contracts, and Erie has only one year. In addition, the Patriot also used a four round of signing for Dwayne – Allen and a 6 round of signing, and then because of the signing of Mike – Gillis Leigh and sent to Bill, a five round of signs. But for the defending Super Bowl nfl jerseys champion, these players can make immediate contributions.

But the real choice for the Patriots rookie, Derek Rivers was a blunt pass beast, in Youngstown college primary school meal has 41 sacks. His strength, even in first-class schools, can become the main rotation. For Antonio Garcia, the team to trade 11, but he has the potential to become the future successor of Zuo Jiefeng, is considered to be the No. fifth tackles, perhaps this can become Nate – Soder and Marcus – Buchanan behind the bench first. German art Sri Weiss is a multi-faceted military continuation of the Patriots rushed, selected Arkansas players of the traditional love.

Division second: Miami dolphins, score C+

The original lineup vulnerabilities: protection front, defensive second line, line guard

For the dolphins, Charles Harris was lucky to be able to fall into their position. But his type feels better for a 3-4 formation, while dolphin is a 4-3 formation. Maybe his playing time will be limited in the new season, and his running ability also needs to be improved. The addition of Macmillan would also greatly help the team. He’s a killer machine, but the dolphin team picked him up before Zach – Cunningham was chosen.

Codreanu – tank is a good Illsley, cornerback tall, but Isaac arcia tower to feel a little worth to the transaction before the election. This can be understood as a strategic issue, the team did not want to find, immediately become a stable main defensive front, otherwise directly in the first round of Forester – pu. There are a lot of questions about the tower. Dafeng Joe Gould OTC, he and Vincent – Taylor can add points inside the depth of defense.

Division third: Buffalo Bill, score A-Original lineup flaw: defensive second line, catcher, attack frontal line

Before the start of the draft, Bill had only 6 signs, tied for the least, but they got extra contracts by going down. In the first round, down 17, to sign 10 to Kansas City, let the team mercilessly kill, get next year’s first round of signing and a third round of the sign. This year the first round of the beginning of the team quarterback competition, will probably let Bill feel lucky, the team keep Taylor de Taylor. The chiefs used Bill’s No. 10 quarterback Patrick Ma Holmes is selected, regardless of his position, the cis position should in the twenty-seventh election, the Faroe pippu is low. Special radar Weiesi – White in Louisiana state in 4 years of fighting force, Stefan Gilmore, has the ability to fill the vacancy left by the defection of patriot. Karzai Jones last season as the East Carolina Diego 158 times the ball, he can replace Robert Woods, even more than the latter. Duhem – Dawkins may be this year’s No. second guard, covering ability is very good.

Nathan pitman is expected in a few years after becoming the main team quarterback. Yes, in a world of ice and snow of buffalo, the best quarterback has enough strength, and Pittman at this point is not prominent. But Tom Brady and Drew Bracey’s example is sufficient to note that, regardless of other aspects, at least can exercise in the arm is out after coming to NFL jerseys china. Taylor is considering taking a paycut, he may be a year or two will be able to have the chance to start.

Overall, the Bill team played well this year, including the first round of next year’s signature from the chief, and the team was the key to the four position. The general manager decided to fire the DAG Wali has already before, the team in the draft performance can be said to have been surprisingly good.

Division fourth: New York jets, score B+

Original lineup flaw: quarterback, attack, front, near end

Although the largest two vulnerabilities — no additional squad quarterback and offensive tackle, but in the overall performance of the jet was acceptable: they each pick, is the best player in the draft pool, rather than to an individual or a certain position. Such tactics may not have allowed the team to add to the most pressing needs, but on the other hand, each of their labels is worth the money, and no one is up to the mark. It’s a good strategy for a team with a weak overall lineup. So having decided not to elect representatives to the team’s future quarterback in this year, it is even lower ranking Taobao no, after all have the team in front of last season’s second round show Christian Haken Berg meets this role.