Division fourth: Losangeles lightning, score C

Original lineup flaw: outside take over, outside guard, defensive second line

“New home, new weather”, this sentence for the just moved to Losangeles lightning team is appropriate. Before the draft, we speculated that the team might choose a quarterback as Philip Rivers’s future successor, but eventually the team’s strategy is to try to find help for Rivers. Keenan – Allen has only played 9 games in the last two years because of injuries, so the outside team has become a team hole. But the team also really attach importance to this point, in the choice of the high 7, tied for first receiver Mike Williams, who last season the team at the Clemson University and four quarterback Sean de Watson kill the quartet. If Williams and Allen can be on the court at the same time, plus Rivers – Williams and two – grade near – edge Hunter – Henry, the new season will certainly be very exciting.

In addition, after the DJ- fluke termination, team problems in the guard position, and on the second day of the draft even took two men, Forester Lampe and Dan fini, respectively is the first and the third guard. Portland is very versatile and can play in the front line, even hoping to become the main center of the team at the start of the new season. Desmond – Kim is also a generalist on the two line. Isaac Loetscher rushed transfer ability in general, but the anti run ability is good.

The penguin striker Phil Kaiser is perhaps Pittsburgh’s most famous Kaiser, but now is not the most lovely.

Who is the cutest little girl? Ryan lane, a newborn baby born on Mother’s day. His parents named Kaiser for nfl jerseys cheap the winner in memory of Kaiser.

“It’s a perfect name for our baby,” said Adam – Hillman, who just became a dad.”

It is reported that the couple still has to be produced in watching the penguins game, even in the delivery room, Hillman wrote “Let’s Go Pens” slogan. His wife, Nichol, is wearing a casser shirt 81 lying in bed watching the game.
In the playoffs the Eastern Conference finals in second games, scored a winning goal casser paratelum, help Penguin 1-0 won the game, the big tie 1-1.

Division third: Denver Mustang, score B

The original lineup vulnerabilities: attack, cut the front, near the front, defensive front line

Denver in the left and right of the two cutting edge position, the main candidates have not been determined, so in the first round of the election of this position is taken for granted. The problem is that the team is in Camden – Robinson, Ryan Rahm and Qi Ke have not been selected out of the case, on the choice of the Garrett boles, whether this decision is wise, to be studied.

In addition to this, the Mustang team’s choice was excellent. DeMarcus – Walker is very suitable for the Mustang 3-4 formation played defensive end (the premise is the new management team still insist on the formation, but also in passing) file even as the arrow cut front, after all he had last season but there are as many as 16 sacks. Carlos – Henderson is the second – time attacker, also has the ability to capture the ball. Cornerback Brandon Longley fell to one hundred outside some accidents, and horses on him for the cheap jerseys.

Similarly, the team has the advantage of a cruciate ligament laceration near the front, Bart Bart, even though he was seriously injured, he fell to the fifth round is also an exaggeration, not injured, he certainly can be selected in the second round. Isiah Mackenzie is a good return, also have remote catch ability. “No, sir,” Chad Kelly has too many outside problems, but he’s only a seven round show. Overall, the Mustang’s choice of second and third days in the draft should make the fans very excited.