Second scenes: Disability

The number of injuries this season, it is not rare in history, but the stars have fallen, and the cycle is very regular, this is very rare, private rough statistics on the season into the standby list of injured injury stars:

And has not yet recovered Clark, mid season hurt Derek – Carle, Winston and Sam – Bradford, this season is called “black hole”.

Some teams have weathered players missed the time, to find a better alternative, such as the Black Panther ed Dixon to let Olsen ease sidelined; Eric Berri is absent for the back of the Emirates is small; the Vikings lost after Cook found Latavi, Murray and Mackinnon ran Wei Haiying sufficient combination; red pass is not afraid of a squad that Friel injured; “Poland cannon” injured even let Raiders regained a good successor Austria tower southpaws Kyrgyzstan vecchio.

But most of the team, by suffering injury:

The giant is not the same, Beckham hurt, even disappointing Brandon Marshall also hurt, now the New York giants wide receiver group almost CFL level.

The absence of Edelman and “old squirrel”, a patriot and eagle with strange and unusual attack mode.

Rodgers is not fully reimbursed, but the packers lost his strength reduced to almost 49ers jerseys cheap and Brown “collaboration”, until the return at the end of the season, the packers may have lost the playoff qualification.

No injuries can be avoided, if the second half of the season with fewer injuries, a little more than the return of the king.

Chapter three: crazy

In such a troubled world, every team seems to be fantasizing. If we win two more games, maybe the playoffs aren’t dreams. After all, football is a team sport, mid season trade doomed as NBA and MLB jerseys is so great, and in previous years, often because of chips could not agree on the final “small talk”, but this season we seemed like a mad general big “arms race”, the size and number of transactions is rare in the history.

In the four round next year signed from dolphins for Jay Agayi hawks. Due to the locker room and the season of the mutiny AGA Ibn landslide, the dolphins traded him helpless; and the eagle cabbage price transactions to sign running backs, and pass the road will be more stable, Carson Venc burden will be appropriately reduced.

49ers with a second round pick from the Patriots next year for Jimmy Poirot gallo. The 49 idea is very clear, this season has no hope, leave half of the season for the future leaders in practice. The patriot’s reasoning thinking, Caroline Poirot is going to fulfill the four year of his rookie contract, the move represents the next season, the Patriots can not provide a reasonable starting quarterback contract for him, because they will not change next season first, yes, this season is not Brady’s last season.

It is said that Brown is ready to use the second round sign + three rounds of contract trading A.J. Macallan, because the document submitted late is eventually invalid, but the private heart for Brown feel gratified. You know, compared to Macallan and Caroline Poirot, Poirot seems to be Garro look much better, and Brown Macallan to chip more than 49 transactions Garro Poirot chips more for a third sign (about sixty-fifth overall about next year), super quarterback, if Macallan is not good for the next year, Brown the draft will be more embarrassing, so that trading deadline five minutes earlier.