The team at Wembley is blessed

2017 NFL London bowl series ushered in the opener, the 5 consecutive year to participate in the “London bowl” of the Jacksonville America team against Barr Timo crow, crow team are the first to participate in the London Games, they won two consecutive games before the start but. The original game well-matched in strength of the results is that the Jaguar, staged a massacre, 44:7 victory over the serious “the crow team, The climate does not suit one.” regular season abruptly hit into a fight at outrance students show Jaguar, what the game what happened, we take a look.

Game Focus

The first section of the game, the Jaguars kick out mistakes, crow team at the 40 yard line to attack, with a third conversion was captured and killed after the crow had to punt. The Jaguar, quarterback Boulter opening performance well, one will find Marquez Lee has large code number, then the offensive guard Chris Avery ran into the red crow area, but then the red Jaguar three offensive conversion failed after Jason – Meyers 23 yard free kick hit, Jaguar xianbatouchou lead 3:0.

Second wave attack crow team still did not get results quickly by Jaguar out. Once again to play Boulter, the Jaguars rely on short and fast continuous to get the first attack, rookie Faure Nate also rushed out of continuous size, the defense team lost old crow explosive force. Finally, after Boulter, fake delivery easy to find near end Masaidesi Lewis completed a touchdown, rewrites the score 10:0, Jaguar’s perfect start, without any flaws.

Group of offensive firepower, the defense also continue to help Jo Fraco sacks, unwilling to remain out of the limelight, the defense right to get the ball back. The ravens’ slump was a full range of successive misses, and Faure Nate couldn’t find any answers to the running guard. At the end of the first game, the Jaguar had moved up to 40 yards in the crow’s half, with the crow’s first half yards of negative yards, and Jaguar’s 10:0 lead.

The second quarter began, the defense team took the lead crow back, after a third stop code four, code block a Jaguar strong success, make crow defence coach John Harbert on the sidelines of cast to waste, the complexion is dignified. The next line continuous Jaguar fouls, facing 25 yards of the first file, Boulter rely on personal ability, will push the ball into the ball 45 yards, Jaguar again shot hit, continue to expand the score, 13 to 0 lead crow.

Crow team attack group fourth times on the court, Joe Flacco pass still feel cold, the game jerseys onlien 4 times speed change-over all failed, the team again punt. But fortunately, the ravens defensive team gradually found the state, Boulter failed to pass the game, the Jaguar for the first time this game abandoned kick. The sluggish state of Joe Flacco completely lost the glory of the past, after playing the first shot was cornerback A.J. pojer merciless steals. Jaguar attack in the other 28 yards, and then run into the red zone, then Boulter in the 3 file 6 yards out of the pocket, single handedly stretched out to get the first gear, Wembley fans full of momentum. At the end of the fatal blow, big Allen Hearns to come forward, Boulter observed in his pocket quick connection Hearns touchdowns, rewrite the score 20:0.

Crow’s It is all up with enthusiasm, continuous holding to two long code number with the first file full blown, makes the situation more severe the busiest one disaster after another, punter Sam Koch appeared again. After this victory has been set in order to protect the Jaguar players put on a bench. The third day before the end of the game, the Jaguars with humiliating offensive play the crow team, four fake punt, before advancing Jaguar ball players all the way to the red crow team, game third Jaguar 37:0.

The fourth day at the start of the game, Faure Nate has reached the end of the array, the score once again rewritten 44:0. Then the Jaguar wound up, put on all the basic bench, crow team enthusiasm, backup quarterback Malet battle, the use of a large number of ground offensive that match to end the end of today’s nightmare.

After the game completely into the garbage time, both sides you come to me to open the abandoned kick war. The first nfl sports jerseys touchdown crow team thanks to the team’s three running backs Alex Collins gave, continuously from the ball to win big yards, within which the Jaguar red zone, Malet cross found tight end Benjamin Watson, who jumped into the end zone, to rewrite the score 44:7, avoid being zero letter of embarrassment.

The game data, jaguars quarterback Boulter, 31 in 20 to take 244 yards and 4 touchdowns, running back Faure Nate 17 red ball 59 yards and 1 touchdowns, tight end Lewis 4 catches for 3 touchdowns. Crow team four points Joe Flacco three quarter 18 8 in only 28 yards out recorded two steals, as the last time on the bench refuse Ryan mallett.