The Panther said it would work hard to stabilize the quarterback Newton

David, the new boss, is not the only big change in the Panthers this year.

The offensive lineup has also changed dramatically. Norv Turner has become the new offensive coordinator, and three foreign and C.J. Anderson have further strengthened the offensive team. On the other hand, the performance of near end Greg Olsen, running Christian McCaffrey, quarterback Cam Newton and so on is also worth looking forward to. But Turner has some new expectations for Newton.

Turner said: “in my opinion, he has a place where we need to work harder to help him improve. His quarterback scored a lot when he scored high, 90 to 100 points, but it was not normal. In those four or five games, he did not perform well, and his grades became very low. We need to help him reduce this state of ups and downs, and try to make good performance a norm, which can not only help him but also help the team.

Newton’s stability and passing accuracy is a commonplace problem. I wonder if turner can help jersey him complete the change.

The coaching team of the rams is highly praised for the reception

The rams have more than just liked the new catching team. They are super invincible and love the existing team very much.

Although Sami Watkins was lost, the addition of blin Cox made up for the vacancy. Cox, Robert Woods, Cooper Karp – the three line-up will be irresistible.

In addition, Josh Reynolds, Faro Cooper and Mike Thomas will also compete for the playing time jerseys usa.

Pass coordinator Shane WALLONG said: “we have fast players, tall players, and players who can run all kinds of routes. No matter who will be the first time, we will be able to put others on the top in time when someone is tired. I hope we will not go any further. ”

Cox scored 16.6 in the last season and 27 in the four season. Coach Sean – Michael said: “he and Jared GF have had a good reaction, and also think the catching team is very good nfl jerseys china. “Cox has been well integrated into the new group, making himself and his teammates closer, and the coaches naturally love him.”