What interesting things happened in the NFL League today? Let’s have a look:

Elliot has another car accident

George Elliot this offseason with the accident soon, around March, he suffered a small accident in Dallas last weekend Isere Disasters pile up on one another., Elliot also suffered a car accident, this let him two consecutive days missed the Dallas Cowboys today to start training camp.

But this time Elliot is still suffering from a small accident, the Dallas Cowboys official announced to the outside world, now Elliot although not training with the team, but he was off to do some minor adaptive exercises. According to the Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said, Elliot attended a charity event, homeward was involved in the accident.

“He is a hit to the head, his body muscles and neck muscles are some discomfort, and because of that we examined, we feel that he is the right thing to rest more, despite his warm up show a vitality, but we still have limited his participation.” Gareth said.

Elliot is a cowboy super offensive weapon, Elliot last season NFL League leading 1631 yards, rushed the ball a little to break the record NFL rookie, although he will not participate in the training on Thursday, but Gareth said Elliot will return to the team in training camp next week. Elliot is not the case, Darren Mcfadden temporarily training with the first team, launched on Thursday in 11 of the 11 cowboy cowboy in combat training, every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to start training for three weeks, followed by each team in June fixed formal training camp.

In the offseason Elliot had a lot of things, in addition to the two car accident, in Saint Patrick’s Day parade ripped women’s underwear also let him become a target for all.

Oswald vhailor Brown said to love yourself, believe they will start

Bullock Oswald vhailor still believe they can continue to serve as the starting quarterback in the League NFL task in the interview when he said in the days before.

“Obviously, when I was in college my coach told me a truth, not to worry about things you can’t control, only can control is what you need to worry about, was traded here, this is all I have to do. I couldn’t be more excited to stay here, and when I got here, I felt an unprecedented welcome.” Aus Ville said.

Brown coach Hugh Jackson has expressed the quarterback idea, he believes that Oswald Wheeler can compete, can become better, Jackson said, to Brown Wheeler learning system, and team culture, and Oswald Wheeler in this team also found a new feeling, he has fallen in love with the team.

“I can’t make any choice about my deal, so that’s the case. I’m here. I play here. I love Cleveland, Brown.”.”

Not only that, Aus Ville has a more ambitious target, in training he is Coty Kessler’s replacement, Aus Ville is aware of himself from the real perfect is still far away, he knows there is a long way to go. But he still said his goal was to be Brown’s starting quarterback at the start of the regular season.

“If I told you I just want to do a backup, then I really made a mistake, I want to play, I want to help the team win, but I know there are too many things to do, I must be in the courts to win these, I have a lot of things to do, I want to continue to move forward.” Aus Ville said.

Although we do not know who is vhailor feel good or what, maybe he was too proud of myself, Brown was left in no way under the circumstances of his now, Brown not only Kessler, and two round pick Keyser Oswald, Villar’s location is quite embarrassing.