NFL also has Lebron? A Solic hero in a consortium

It’s time to talk about the NBA championship. Recently, the NBA playoffs were in the white hot stage, from both sides to a “Erwin” Cleveland Knight VS Boston Celtic East final, to the two sides of the Jinzhou warrior VS Houston rockets, named “Green”, to the final of the final, to the final of the zoning, which was enough to attract the ball. The eye of a fan. Speaking of the playoffs, we have to mention Lebron – dads and Mama James. Fans who watched the game must have been numb with regard to the four words “single core”. As shown in the picture below, though James sang “it’s not a thing”, he must have cried out for thousands of times.

LBJ: I’m very helpless, too

James is not only the representative of all the celestial beings, but also a paragon of a team. When father and mother’s play is not just in the NBA arena, here, let’s take a look at the “Lebron”, which has been struggling to carry the heavy responsibilities of the NFL.

Russell Wilson, quarterback, Seattle Sea Hawk jerseys

Russell Wilson played a miraculous performance last season, with 553 passes to get 3983 yards of pass and 34 pass, and 586 yards of punching and 3 shots. In the 5608 yards total push code of the team, he was associated with 4569 yards, accounting for 81.5%. Shocking performance, a typical Lebron competition style.

Personal performance is particularly prominent in team competitions, but it is really difficult to lead alone. Unfortunately, Russell Wilson may have to bite his teeth to keep up with the arrival of the new season. The attacking frontline of the team is still a big question mark. Wilson’s right hand is no longer a heavy weapon, Jimmy Graham, Paul Richardson, Richard Sherman… “The sea eagle is broken.” Although in the first round of this year’s Shanghai Eagle general election campaign in the first round of the election of the running guard Rashad Penny, nike jersey ? but the young man in the sea eagle unreliable attack front can have much to play, it is really dare not do too much conjecture.

In view of this, the Sea Hawk, known for its defense, has disappeared. The new season has to rely on Russell Wilson’s opening of the Lebron model to lead the “incomplete lion”.

Lille, Mike, defense side, Oakland Raiders jerseys.

Mike is a real star player. He is one of the best punching players in the league. He has been selected for three consecutive seasons, and the 2016 season is the best defensive player of the year. All of these are enough to prove his defensive value. But in the past three seasons, the overall defensive level of the team is in the lower level of the league, the most important reason is the lack of a backup lineup to give Mike assistance. When coach Jon Gruden and general manager Reggie Mackenzie did not take a strong defender in the first round of the draft this year, the fans seemed to be disappointed with the Raiders. Fortunately, in the fifth round of the draft, the arrival of Maurice Hearst can give the Raiders a certain defense. But what Mike wants is to get help in the three level defense of the team, especially in the backcourt area. This is like an elite leading a group of second class players standing on the field, so it seems that Mike Lille is very clear about Lebron James’s feelings.


The above single core band can be called the NFL version of the NFL version of the brave, brilliant, excellent skills, the courage to fight alone, and have the courage to control the whole world, each is a loud figure. In the end, I would like to say to the coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, “is the elder brother, Lebron, not LU? A good life is painful.