Supernova direct dialogue

The station will host an exclusive video live, NFL preseason, Tampa Bay, pirates, VS, Jacksonville Jaguars race, who will win the game, let us wait and see.

18, 8, video, Jaguar, vs Pirates: supernova direct dialogue

Play preseason, Jacksonville Jaguars against the new England patriots, Jaguar in the game show a good state, two teams are sent on the new trial, and Jaguar here let people see enough exciting things, the draft in the first round of the Jacksonville Jaguars fourth overall selection rookie running back Leonard Funeiterang people have reason to believe that he will become the core of the future in the Jaguar, against the Patriots in the game, Fornet debut, the ball 8 times and scored 31 rushing yards and 1 touchdowns, while rushing average efficiency. But during the game he was brisk enough, we can see Fornet’s exceptional talent, his body quality and speed the mind and help him in the first attack line or touchdown zone before they can easily get rid of abnormal defensive tasks, especially in the red zone Complete the rushing touchdowns, he did not even make a patriot defenders touched his body, although this is not a full substitute and patriots squad, but Fornet’s talent has been sweeping. But the most interesting is that after the game, the rookie game he said NFL talk a lot of nonsense, than I imagined a lot easier.

And this game against the Pirates of the preseason game jerseys for sale, not surprisingly, it is natural and can be seen the rookie running back in the show, put down hard, I believe that many men are on the defensive front is ready to follow the young play a big, it seems, at least Fornet imagine a preseason do possibility easy to punch the ball up front should be greatly reduced.

This preseason watch is in such a high priority of the future star after the game played a few offensive, at least the Jaguar game, we only go as far as possible on Leonard fournet’s performance, after all at the Louisiana State University he staged countless magic, people also think that he will get the team focused on the Jaguar support and training, so he should be able to continue the magic in the NFL.

Look at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers preseason game here, Pirates of the most eye-catching than the other, but after the game, pirates are decisively 2016 two round pick kicker Roberto Aguayo cut news. This season the pirates wantonly reinforcements, but the last game, and we do not see the pirate new signings have too much time to appearance, but rather a lot of stars have been many appearances, starting four quarterback Jay – Winston 13 pass 9 Meath, from 99 yards, star Mike – Evans external hand it is 4 times the ball scored 58 yards.

18, 8, video, Jaguar, vs Pirates: supernova direct dialogue

This preseason, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers probably won’t send rate team to debut, while playing pirates rookie first round strong tight end OJ- Howard did not play, but this game, pirates should be sent a series of new signings and high team rookie appearances, so the pirates can also get the the young man debut, we may thus look good insight of the rookie strength, OJ- Howard is regarded as one of the future can become the proximal winger superstar, he is looking forward to the first show a pirate. Not only that, the introduction of the new pirate receiver DeShawn Jackson and defender Chris buck should also will play in this game.

In the rough above, there are still a lot of things going on in this preseason. Not only that, although the NFL season is just a game of no great importance but even so, a military nature of the game represents a lot of meaning, sometimes preseason means that some people of the future, there are many people NFL jerseys to crush the scalp, pre-season training camp is the grass-roots opportunity, and they will be in this game to try to be in the preseason on the stage of struggle to finally be able to stay in the team, so the preseason is still wonderful.