The NFL League Football League has been in the tenth season, from the only college group to the 7 group that runs through preschool children to the open group. In 10 years, the tournament has become an annual carnival for domestic olive fans.

The event can be traced to the “apple seed program”, opened by NFL in 2003, which has developed the first batch of coaches for the first group of lumber flag rugby, which quickly broke out and provided a great support for the later “champion of the brave” middle school league. And when the time came to 2008, the special year for the Chinese people, the seed has grown into a big tree, with the arrival of the Olympic Games, Chinese college students also ushered in the first NFL football match. During the 10 years, a large number of strong football teams in the waist flag have emerged – the Beijing Sport University, the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, Shanghai Institute of Physical Education, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology and the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, and so on, have become the regular guests of the national finals. The athletics of the game have been pushed to the climax by these young people, and each season has a lot of duel, and the youth of the youth filled with a heavy color.

Since 2015, the event has expanded to 5 ages: the primary school, the middle school, the high school, the University, and the open group; this year, there were 155 teams from 12 cities throughout the country. The expansion of the League allowed more fans to come to the stadium and feel the joy of football jerseys.

When the time came to 2018, the age group continued to expand to 7 age groups, and more Rugby fans could pursue their dreams in this competition. Ten years of grinding a sword, are you ready to walk on the court?

Entry note:

Waist flag rugby is a simplified and safer version of rugby. On the basis of retaining the core value and charm of rugby tactics, teams, and so on, to avoid physical contact with the rip flag instead of collision, the maximum protection of the participants is an unlimited gender, age, field and other factors, which are suitable for all people to participate and enjoy. One of the sports. In 2018, the competition was set up in 12 urban districts in 4 races and the age group increased to 7. According to the recruitment and competition process, we plan to invite the champions of each age group in each city to participate in the final, and the team that won the finals will have the opportunity to participate in the annual national finals.

Registration rules:

1. the opening time will be based on the opening time of each competition area. The deadline for application is 2 weeks before the start of the competition.

All team equipment will be distributed at the time of the team’s check-in. All players must wear the NFL Flag Football Rugby jerseys official suit and waist flag when participating in the competition.

Organizers will not provide protective teeth for games, and players must prepare for themselves. In the game, the players on the field must wear their teeth. Players who do not wear protective gear will not be allowed to play. All the Games will be played by the official released Wilson rugby. The football team’s own rugby is not allowed to use.

The team attendance will be announced in the morning of the first race day of the city subarea. All teams must arrive one hour before their first match. If you are late, you may be abstained.

Once the list is submitted, it is not allowed to change in the course of the competition. Please ask the teams to consider the possible situation before submitting the list.

We have zero tolerance for violations of sports ethics and fouls. Any non compliant behavior will punish players or teams until they are banned. The decision was decided by the referee of NFL China Flag Football Rugby. Please read the player’s code of conduct to understand the detailed rules.

NFL China and NFL Chinese jerseys flag football players have the right to cancel or change the race arrangements due to bad weather or other force majeure factors.

NFL China reserves all relevant final interpretations.