One hundred meters easy 10 seconds in College

As we all know, Jacksonville Jaguars rookie rookie guard Leonard – Faure Nate can shuttle in the potential of the capture. At the same time, he recently showed a stunt that could end all the defensive players.

NFL strongest rookie speed comparable to Boulter

NFL official in the United States on Thursday local time, announced that Faure Nate ran the ball on Sunday against Pittsburgh Steelers 90 yard touchdown, his highest running speed was 9.86 meters per second. It’s also the highest record of all the running players this season. This record is not limited to running guards, but it includes all the players running with the ball. )

The Jaguars at the Heinz stadium with a 30:9 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers game, Faure Nate in the individual game twenty-eighth ball run, again to show the world the impressive run speed. When Faure Nate spoke about the time he spent at Louisiana State University, he told the media, “I run faster in college than this.”. I just got back to my original speed. When I was in college, I could probably run 10.28 meters per second, so I just wanted to get myself back. ”

Faure Nate height 185.5 cm, weight 103.5 kg, 40 yard run time in NFL test in 4.51 seconds. In the season, but he runs much faster than the other players, including the Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver tailike – Hill, San Francisco 49 team wide receiver Marquez Goodwin, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver J.J.- Nielsen and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver DeShawn Jackson. The 40 run time of the above 4 anthropometric measurements was less than 4.40 seconds. Among them, the personal twitter account name is called the “cheetah” tailike – Hill, in their own occupation career peak period can be completed 40 yard dash in 4.24 seconds.

On Sunday against Pittsburgh Steelers game in the fall, the ground run Nate 181 yards and scored two touchdowns. Maybe his performance didn’t surprise the audience, but his teammates had impressed him.

The Jaguars safety vezha Sean Gibson Faure Nate and Hill made a comparison: “faster than the Kansas Hill? They shouldn’t say that. Tell them not to say that again. I want you to forget about the data. Because I know that Faure Nate can’t run fast bichl. But I knew he had the ability to run a touchdown, and he had the speed to run. However, wow, 9.86 meters per second? This is crazy! ”

In contrast, the Olympic champion, the highest speed of 100 meters athletes Usai Boulter in the 2009 World Athletics Championships in Berlin to create the men’s 100 meters world record had reached 12.38 M / s.. It took Boulter only 9.58 seconds to finish the distance of 100 meters.