With Leon Conley, Ohio state, Oakland Raiders cornerback.

In addition to the Raiders Mark brave, the defense team overall nfl jerseys strength is very general, so it is considered this possibility in the first round or defensive player is relatively large. Since Conley because before the rape charges fell this time, but recent reports say the thing itself may be problematic, exaggeration, or even does not exist. Since the Raiders had faith in him, it was a matter of course.

No. 1: marlung – Humphrey, Alabama, cornerback, Baltimore crow
After the Ohio state and Leon Conley cis position is expected to fall, Humphrey and Kevin of University of Washington – gold is one of the second parallel cornerback good, after lattimores. Humphrey played only two years of the main, a total of 5 times to cut off the pass cut 13 times.

2: Jonathan – Allen, Alabama, defensive intercept, Washington Red
Allen originally predicted before fifth overall was selected to go down now, really some accident. He is also the last two seasons have got two digit sacks, was considered the second Garrett and Thomas, the No. third defensive lineman, unexpectedly fell to 17. Red team should be picked up cheap.

3: Jackson, South California, Wei Wei, Tennessee Titans
Jackson is generally considered to be at the end of the first round or the beginning of the second round was chosen to go, as high as eighteenth signed, it can be regarded as a small upset. Perhaps his outstanding ability to back up for their own points.

4: OJ- Howard, Alabama, near front, Tampa Bay Pirates
Howard is the number one tight end in the universe, team Alabama, he in the past two nfl jerseys cheap national finals, had the guards, athletic ability is very good, also gradually improve their ability to cover, can be described as full. Originally he was expected to be selected in the top ten, who knows that we do not attach importance to the near front, so that he fell so late.

No. 5: Garrett Bolles, University of Utah, offensive tackle, Denver Broncos
After the Broncos released the original main left Jiefeng Russell OCON in the free market, the new season of the main configuration there is doubt, therefore generally considered to be a choice of the line. 20 before no candidate offensive line, but also to allow them to elect the best cutting edge of the current Bolles.

No. 6: Jared. – Davies, Florida, inside Wei, Detroit Lions
Although the Secretary Shaun, but Davies is still out of the last two years of excellent data 17 times negative number holds 5.5 sacks last season, was awarded to the country’s top linebacker Marcus award vote bout.

7: Charles – Harris, Missouri, perimeter guard, Miami dolphins
Harris rushed from the military talents of University of Missouri, the last two seasons have 30 negative yardage grapple by figure restrictions, he was found in the NFL is more suitable for playing outside linebacker.

8: Evan – Eng Ram, Mississippi, near front, New York giants
Eng Ram is the first in team history near end, although smaller, cover ability in general, but his catching ability is very good, can be considered by the Washington Redskins Jordan Reed as template.