July 8th – Carlton – Aguduoxi tiger looks very in tune with the cardinals. He is 6-6 (198cm) tall and weighs 280 pounds. Standing long jump is 10-4, 40 yards, 4.61 seconds. But his college data does not seem to match.
In his four season at college, he only finished 35 catches, 513 yards and two touchdown. Only 8 goals were received last season, 85 yards and 1 touchdown. But Agu Dossi’s physical amazing cardinals, so that the latter did not hesitate to take the down draft.

“I don’t know because the quarterback or system or how,” the Cardinals coach Bruce Arians comments, “the tall guy quickly should have better data.”

Aguduoxi university had five offensive coordinator and five position coach for five years. He was injured, and his offensive team scored just 15.7 last season, averaging 138.3 yards per nfl game jerseys.

“My data is not good,” admits Agu Dossi. “I played well at the third place, so I wanted to be brilliant when I was in senior four.”.”

Agu Dossi wants to stand firm at NFL and estimate for a while. After all, there are fewer college poor players, except for the sudden outbreak of {Terrell Davis} at NFL.

T.Y. Hilton is looking forward to Andrew – La return

T.Y. Hilton this offseason has experienced some changes.

Before the offseason he will try to improve the understanding of Luck and Andrew. But, in January this year to accept the shoulder joint after surgery, missed all the offseason training team.

Hilton himself believes it will not be difficult to run into the tie.

“I just told him it’s important to be healthy again,” he said.” “If you’re out of shape, don’t practice passing,” Hilton says. We’ll be back in normal condition in two days. The training camp will be all right.”

In addition, Hilton is not satisfied with his TOP100 term, and believes that being placed in the 61 place is “not respected.””.