The new England patriots Super Bowl nfl jerseys hero Julian Edelman and patriots signed a new contract, the Patriot exploits players could play to 2019 in the patriot, which is of great help for the Patriots, because Edelman is the first patriot in the squad to take over, the signing of a new contract for both sides is a win-win situation. In this way the Patriots can not only maintain the original lineup, and Edelman can continue to compete for the championship honors in the patriot.

According to the detailed news that a two-year $11 million contract with the Patriots Julian Edelman set, where the margin of $9 million, at the original contract until the end of 2018, prior to the outside world there are a lot of news said the signing of brandin Cook in the patriot, Edelman is likely to be in after the expiration of the contract with the Patriots broke up the new contract, and after Eldredge Mann in the Patriots until 2019, so the rumor collapse of itself, the Patriots ball lineup will become more powerful.

This offseason patriots in the catcher operation are quite effective, thousands of yards after brandin joined Cook, veteran Danny Amendola – a substantial pay cut a large amount of funds for the Patriots, space, and the renewal of Edelman greatly that want to continue to compete in the Patriot champion idea.

Julian Edelman is the number one foreign patriot in the array over the past four seasons, Edelman three season was the highest number of players in the team the ball, the ball 98 times last season he had 1106 yards, from 2013 to 2016, a total of 356 times the ball Edelman, NFL in fifth, at the same the team also maintained a patriots punt return touchdown record: 4. He averaged 11.7 yards and punt return yardage in patriots history second, but in order to keep Edelman on the offensive end, the past two years, the new England patriots Julian Edelman reduced the number of punt return.

In the new England patriots against the Atlanta falcons in the super bowl, Julian Edelman finished five with the ball 87 yards, laid the foundation for the Patriot reversal face a shock catching three siege complete competition in the fourth quarter Liaideerman. Before the new contract in 2014, Edelman signed a contract with the Patriots maximum value for 4 years $19 million, now the two-year contract value or not, as a thousand yards and then get this salary champion feats really too shabby.

In contrast, in another shocking North American League NBA Smith JR- player wages is, such as the Cleveland Cavaliers finished the 5 year $80 million contract Tristan Thompson and 4 years of $57 million, as a center in the NBA Finals 3 games 11 rebounds, one in the first two finals in only 3 minutes. It’s hard to imagine they could get such a contract, and at Edelman, help the Patriot scored two Super Bowl Champions in the ball 109 yards and 87 yards respectively (can be likened to two basketball games all scored 20 points), and that the player is only $5 million a year in micro-blog the price is really high salary, let James see will cry.