Pixett: Focusing jerseys becomes better

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin has not revealed the intention of the starting quarterback candidate, and the candidates are rookie Kenny Pickett and veteran Mitchell trubisky.
Pickett, one of the candidates, did not show excessive concern about this. He said in an interview: “I just focusing jerseys becomes better. I got my first real tactical arrangement before facing the tigers. I still have a lot to learn.”
“I showed some good performances during Mini training camp, off-season training program, training camp and pre-season, but I will try to focusing jerseys becomes better.” Pickett said, “I want to continue to work hard on this basis and make further progress during the season.”
As far as the current situation is concerned, trubisky is more likely to get the chance to start the opener. During the off-season, Steelers signed him as a potential starter, and his performance in the pre-season was not particularly disappointing.
“Practice is very important, but it is impossible to reproduce the actual situation in training.” Pickett said, “it’s very important for me to get these playing opportunities before the start of the season.”