Titan will sign again to attack major general Mathews.

Tennessee Titan jerseys for sale announced Tuesday morning that the team had renewed its contract with its successor, Richard Matthews, for one year and that the two sides would work together until the end of the 2009 season. According to reliable sources, Matthews’2019 contract will be a team option worth at least $7.75 million.

Under the new contract framework, Matthews will earn nearly $11 million in revenue over the next two seasons through a base salary, lineup bonuses, data awards and performance awards.

Mathews is still on the team’s list of unsuitable matches. According to the original contract terms, he will become a free agent after the end of the new season. In this new contract, Mathews will win $875 thousand in every match bonus. At the same time, he can get a prize of up to 500 thousand dollars in other ways. Therefore, compared with the previous contract, Mathews’s salary in the 2018 season will increase by up to 1 million 375 thousand dollars.

Titan must decide whether to implement Matthews’2019 contract options, including an optional bonus of $3.25 million, before the end of the league’s 2008 season. If the Titans choose to leave Mathews, his base salary in 2019 will be 4 million 500 thousand dollars. According to Mathews’s performance this season, his next season’s base salary may Tennessee Titan jerseys be further improved. At the same time, Matthews can also receive up to $1 million worth of data rewards through such data as the number of receives, the number of receives and advances, and the number of receives.

This is the third main offensive player since the start of the new season’s training camp. Before that, the Tennesseen had decided to continue working with offensive interceptor Taylor Levan and close-end forward Delaney Walker.

In the whole pre-season training camp of the Titans, Mathews did not participate in the training. However, before practicing the running circuit, Mathews did some warming up exercises on the training field. Titan quarterback coach Pat O’Hara also practiced passing with Matthews while he was practicing running routes. When asked by the media why Matthews was so late in training, Titan coach Mike Flabell responded: “He’s just not ready yet. “