Domestic violence is not flat in the bar attack

According to reliable sources, the Dallas Cowboys running Weiyizelier Elliott, local time in the United States on Sunday night, embroiled in a Dallas bar attack.

According to the Dallas police news release said the police officer in the U.S. central time at 9:40 PM arrived around someone’s bar, a 30 year old middle-aged man police said he was attacked, but was unable to confirm the identity of the attacker. Subsequently, the man was taken to hospital for treatment, there is no life-threatening.

Dallas local radio station “fans” in Dallas also broadcast the Dallas police spokesman for the incident response, said the investigation is still ongoing, no suspects because of attacks and the connection was arrested.

After the event, at least one witness claimed on twitter that he had seen Elliott beat a man, but the witness refused to give the media any more information.

A NFL official said the alliance has been informed of relevant Eliot may be involved, and are further understand the truth.

Before involved in this incident, Elliott was in 2016 due to the domestic violence scandal, is to accept the union survey. The Cowboys Star Health guard plans to submit a formal inquiry to the alliance this week. Many news sources said that Elliott will be suspended for the 1-2 field, but NFL has officially denied the problem of domestic violence Elliott make decision, and that will be investigated in the end, will make the appropriate punishment.
On Saturday, Elliott had just participated in the national football fantasy held in Dallas (football game strategy) conference, and signature fans in the crowd, photo. However, this occurred in Sunday night’s case, may be in the Eliot OTC scandal again wrote a disgraceful.

In the first season to join the league, the preseason all has not yet started, Elliott was a witness to patronize Seattle marijuana clinics. Team owner Jerry – Jones has expressed displeasure. “On the whole, maybe he didn’t do anything wrong, but it wasn’t good. I didn’t have anything else to say.””.

In February this year, a friend of Elliott was arrested in a bar in Dallas, and the Cowboys running back jerseys at the scene along with police communication, though, afterwards, he did not because of any misconduct charges.

In March, Elliott was discovered again in an indecent video. The video was shot at St. Patrick’s Day parade, a bar roof in Dallas, Elliott in a depressed women’s clothes, the woman chest openly exposed.

In May this year, Elliott attended a charity event in the way back in the car accident, due to physical pain, he missed some public activities of the team, but overall, he is good in the offseason off performance.

At the mini camp in June, Elliott responded to more sophisticated off street life: “I’m learning how to stay away from those bad habits, and whatever you do, I’ll eventually find out.”.” In fact, when he was at Ohio State University, he was the focus of the media. After joining the cowboys cheap jerseys, he was more concerned. He said he had learned the lessons of the rookie year. “I think that’s life, you’re making progress from your mistakes, and if you don’t learn from your mistakes, that’s too bad.”. So, this is just the way of life.”

In the offseason, the cowboys have faced many problems outside. Defensive winger David Erwin has been banned from the first 4 games of the season in violation of the league’s rules governing the promotion of drugs for 2017 players. Wei Wei – Nolan – Carol was arrested by police in the late May for drunken driving. Line guard Damian – Wilson was also charged in July 4th with two serious injuries caused by lethal weapons. The two players, whether or not legally convicted, will be punished by the NFL Coalition for misuse of alcohol and personal misconduct.