Steady and sustainable development

“Sports this thing, very complicated,” according to the interview, Richard dished out such a philosophical discourse. In his view, the development of a sport is not as simple as a power switch. Cultural precipitation, mass base, consumption level and many other factors, will affect the prospects of American football in china.

At the beginning of NFL’s entry into China, the League realized that the sport, the promotion of the league, would go through a long and gradual process. How to build a strong fan base and rely on elements of football and sports to turn more people into fans, says Richard, something he thinks about every day.

6 years ago, NFL’s fans in China less than 2 million, and now has risen to the level of 19 million.” Richard data to illustrate the rapid development momentum of NFL. He also told the ecosystem, the current NFL regular season broadcast in China, nearly 1 million 500 thousand of the weekly viewing crowd, Super Bowl broadcast ratings of 14 million.

In addition to the live broadcast, NFL in the promotion of social media in China has also made a breakthrough. According to Richard revealed that the legendary star Payton – Manning’s visit to the relevant video hits reached 9 million 800 thousand, micro-blog reached the relevant topic of Article 2 million 500 thousand.

Compared with mainstream basketball and basketball, perhaps this number is not commendable. But if the American football in China to promote the time and the basis of the masses to take into account, you can see the number of users in NFL growth achieved.

In some people’s view, this growth and super bowl is the key to the top sporting events. However, in the eyes of Richard, wholesale nfl jerseys relying on a single event hype and fire up the movement or athletes, will soon be submerged in the flood of information.

Buffalo saber announced that it would fire its own team, coach Daniel – and his general manager, Tim – and. Saber team this year’s regular season record is 33 wins and 37 negative negative overtime in the second place, ranked the bottom of the East and the last second consecutive playoff missed for the past six years, the team’s reconstruction seems to be no improvement in. When the Edmonton oilers, Toronto maple leaf and the Calgary flames these once with their own similar teams now have tasted a little success, as in the past more sluggish performance saber let the fans and the team felt depressed, the dismissal of coach seems reasonable is not surprising. But the team boss Terrence Pegula decided this time let the whole thing becomes very subtle, because just the day before the news broke the news, if the coach saber team next season is still Daniel Beale who said, so their team in the new super star Jack Eckel will not contract with the team. A ripple, so the focus of almost all the people all to Eckel, he even have been labeled “coach killer” label.

Really able to retain the impact of the event, is the long-term accumulation of event culture and multiple channels of publicity exposure. He said that for the development and training of the Chinese market, NFL ready to fight a protracted war.

In this protracted war, with explosive event marketing, as well as the long-term accumulation of practical. Before the Super Bowl this year, NFL launched in China, array ambassador William Chan, is the case of event marketing. Finally, the amount of reading on micro-blog harvest, is a good report card.

As long as the accumulation of NFL in the global promotion can also experience reference. They are the usual means, combined with a popular local sport, while reducing the threshold of audience attention, but also let the American movement can be more localized. In the UK, NFL in the name “The NFL Show” program launched a section: FOOTBALL MEETS FOOTBALL. NFL legend will visit every Premier League club, to the basic rules of the Premier League player of American football, action science, which is using the method of “hot” to “popular”.

According to Richard introduction, such programs to promote the form of 2015 in China has also been. At that time, the cheap jerseys country was Wang Dalei Pittsburgh Steelers legend Troy Polamalu “grab”, form a collision of two sports. However, such cross-border programs, although the effect is good, but did not form a series of phenomenon. How to seize the pain of the Chinese audience, Richard and his team also need to come up with more ways.