NFL news jerseys gathering crows and ex patriots running around to look

The crows tempt the Patriots, the strongest runs

The Baltimore team is quite conservative, crow in the NFL league team, they always maintain a superior defense and powerful ground offensive, passing choice is always challenging long love. This offseason crow no matter in the free agent market is still in the draft, the crow chose reinforcing the defense of their own, so in the time remaining in the offseason, how will they keep Baltimore crow retro school style? So the team to look at their new England patriots Garrett Blount who ran Weile.

The powerful running back with all the crow love character, he is very strong, dare to shock, he may go to Baltimore, and Baltimore are willing to pay the price for many crow Blount last season, the powerful new England patriots running back ground offensive security, Blount scored a total of up to 18 NFL alliance a touchdown, and also scored the ball up to 1161 yards rushing yards. It can be said that in the current free agent market, Blount is the best running guard.

Although the crow has a great desire for the running back, but like the New York giants and the Detroit lions on the running back is often unable to hide greeds, contact Blount. But in contrast, Baltimore crow is the most suitable Le Garrett Blount team.

The raven is a team with defensive and running goals built on the base of the team. After the expansion of the defensive team this year, the ravens need to build their own advantage in the new season. For Blount, he needs to decide his future as soon as possible, he is currently an unrestricted free agent, if he signed with a team in May 9th, then the team need to pay compensation picks like price.

The Dezhou quarterback debate is getting worse
After Bullock left Houston Oswald Wheeler of Dezhou, Dezhou people spend a great price in the draft and chose the four point guard from the Clemson University’s Sean Watson, but this does not mean that the young man is Dezhou people to determine the starters, because people in Dezhou also a quarterback Tom savage has been eager for a fight ready, he says he is ready for the competition.

“I’m completely ready and ready to compete. I’m excited, but I’ll tell you how excited I am.”.” Savage said in an interview.

Dezhou superstar Watt JJ- for savage’s evaluation is quite good, for DeShawn Watson, Watt did not seem to see him as the first choice of the people of Dezhou quarterbacks.

“He’ll have a lot of time to grow and learn, and he’ll get a chance to prove himself. He can ask a lot of questions. It’s an opportunity.”. I believe he can find a delicate balance in the offseason.” Said Watt.

This draft had four teams selected rookie quarterback in the first round, but the team almost won’t let his rookie quarterback first play, and Tom Savage, last season’s performance is very strong, he replaced Oswald vhailor played three games, a total of 63% passing rate, from 461 yards and he would have become Dezhou’s starting quarterback jerseys for the playoffs, but he suffered a concussion, but last season. If Savage could keep up with last season, maybe Watson could only be his backup.

The panther was thrilled by Newton’s help
The Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator Michael Shula cannot conceal his joy, because the Panthers just from the draft has been running back Christian and McCaffrey took over – he thinks two Coty sinoer, rookie can help four quarterback cam Newton spent struggling in the maximum extent.

The Panthers in the first round and second round pick for the team added enough speed, but did not express their Shura plan on how to use these two young people, but presumably Shura mind have the idea. The Carolina Panthers have not had such offensive talent since 2013.

“We have to wait and see, and hopefully we can go back to 2015, back to NFL first place.”.” Mike – Shu in the Panther rookie training camp is about to end when the expression of his heart.
And now the Carolina Panthers offense is probably the best in the league, they have run guard Jonathan Stewart and rookie McCaffrey, tight end Greg Olsen, wide receiver Calvin Benjamin and rookie Sanur. The Panthers coach Ron – Rivera’s idea is to let Newton have the quarterback cam more attacking options, thus reducing the Newton in the new season of the red ball number, so he can have enough protection for. The Panther’s offensive coordinator Mike Shula simply can’t stop up his rookie, the excitement on the face has lasted for several days.