Experience sumo culture with beloved son

Tom Brady Chinese for three days go forward with great strength and vigour in the journey officially ended, fly to the next destination – japan. In this Chinese three days we feel too much about the legendary things, that these three days is a dream, people also enjoyed everything that Brady left him in the the Great Wall figure, Luwan stadium in his attitude, this is due to Brady’s personal charm, in Beijing, Shanghai two, Brady went, huge crowds of people football in the first outbreak, China so hugeenergy, all this is because Tom Brady. And now Brady came to Japan, and like China, Japan also gave him incredible support.

In this week, Brady from Shanghai International Airport to sit on the plane to Tokyo to Japan, Tokyo, and is a mysterious country in the East, there is still waiting for the Brady great in strength and impetus welcome, arrived in Japan after Brady did not start in Japan’s journey immediately, he quietly enjoy in Japan special delicacy, a little rest for a while, then go to Japan’s Kawasaki stadium began their outdoor activities.

Kawasaki and Kawasaki in front of the stadium is the home court Todoroki athletics stadium, Kawasaki stadium and the market force of land called Kawasaki arena with four landmarks, the arrival of Brady to the seat of the city belongs to the football has changed, a time people were brought about Di Blake football spirit and honor dumping, as Brady brought the fifty-first Super Bowl trophy exudes silver. Here with a group of American football Brady love Japanese boy who launched the exclusive “TB12” training camp, Kawasaki’s weather is much better than Shanghai, so the Japanese friends can watch Brady pass, command, shouted slogans such as he had done in the NFL arena, he still live with Japan the kids to a ball game: Brady face 10 yard line and two boxes of the 20 yard line, after two consecutive passes easily hit, after the completion of accurate long pass 20 yards, the scene fan is completely detonated, cheers like mountains and seas are whistling hit, Brady in a group of fans personally staged GOAT “style.

After the happy camp, Tom Brady ended his show this half day trip. The day after, is today, to make things in Japan face patriot Brady again, the feeling of Japanese traditional sports to watch Brady, was prompted by a sudden impulse, stripped coat themselves with a group of men began to direct combat, since the Great Wall slide speed after Hurricane Brady personally feel, feel the passion of sumo maybe in the future, the patriot will add a prohibition in the TB contract in sumo like money. But for Brady, the band in the League for more than ten years, what kind of sackin did not eat, but looking at this play Brady stay naked sumo, the Patriots management with Brady’s wife Giselle Bundchen that can bear in mind one. Not only that Brady took his son Jack to play sumo together, the scene was warm and touching. After that, the Brady and participate in the activities of the occupation sumo wrestlers came a wave of intimate photo, sitting in the middle of a big fat Brady, scenes like most of his offensive linemen who sit together, and a striker with a sumo wrestler about technical requirements, to get back after can guide teammate Brady who.

After Brady continue to feel the traditional Japanese culture and meditation, as the name suggests, is sitting there thinking about his life, Brady was quiet down, feel good, this is a comparison of oriental experience, Brady said so, his wife Giselle often ndchen yoga or meditation, and Brady himself was something there is not particularly cold.

Of course, Brady received star treatment in Japan, for example, the Japanese campaign also specially invited many Japanese supermodel as Brady were going, there is a special beauty reporter interview, with the film, to the Japanese guests the traditional point of view, this time in order to meet the TB is also a big trouble.