Lightning, South Korea’s kicker missed the mark again

The lightning team in a Sunday game in a game in the American League East Miami dolphins, Korean players (Younghoe Koo) once again missed the key kick, it is worth mentioning that this is the second time this season he appeared such a mistake, after a game in the face of the Mustang. Away they had a 44 yard free kick equalised with each other in English but will coach the use of tactical suspension will be his first goal cancelled after pressure, in the face of the second play case’s defensive tackle group. His playing was defense photographed, but also directly ruined the game. The last attack today again in the face of the team, the team only two points behind, to promote his decisive range of free kick lore, did not think out Britain will once again kicked the ball. 19:17 away against the dolphins, swallowed the second game after the defeat.

Lightning coach (Anthony Lynn) also expressed their ideas for an undrafted, served as the team’s main kicker, with Britain will need more growth, especially the stability under pressure, with English will be more outstanding. He just hit a 41 yard free kick in the game, and coach Lynn was not satisfied with his performance today. Indeed, he played poorly and failed to do what he was supposed to do. But Lynn was positive about the British team’s performance. Last week’s free kick was a good one, but it was a pity for the other team to tackle. So the manager didn’t blame him, but wanted to see him. For next week’s game, Lynn is still firmly supported by the British Association, giving him plenty of room for growth.

The British team replaced the former NFL player (Josh Lambo) as the main player of the team, which made him the fourth Korean athlete to play in the world cup. He was born in South Korea, grew up in the United States, received systematic professional training for their consistent performance to a confident attitude, even in the event of open season two key free kick in case he still believe they can do better. It’s not too much for him at the moment, only to continue proving himself in the next game.

Every athlete has had a rookie season, and for the kicker, it often plays an important role at the critical moment and takes more time to grow. Whether the expected goal can be achieved is the result of the adjustment and adaptation of the players. What the British Association will do now is to face the next game with no distractions. That’s what he needs most.