Little Manning explode in the past draft, and still retain the lightning Jersey.

Eli Manning spent his entire career in the New York giant, but when we put the clock back to the night of 2004, little Manning was selected by San Diego lightning at the show conference and then traded. That history may have been forgotten by some people, new fans may not know much about it, believe it or not, in fact little Manning kept the jersey in the storage room that night, after all, it was a symbol of the top shirt.

Now let us first recall the unbearable past events of little Manning, giant and lightning.

In 2004, a game of cat and mouse was staged at the show conference, and San Diego lightning, which was signed by the champion, wanted to choose little Manning, but Eli listened to the advice of dad Manning: if he was chosen by lightning, he would refuse to join. But it is clear that the lightning team does not think that this threat is much. In the draft convention, it still chose Manning Eli. Back then, at that time, in a boos, Yi Lai embarrassed to take the lightning Jersey, which has become one of the most embarrassing scenes in the history of the League draft.

Eli – Manning

You can see from the picture that Eli has a lightning Jersey. The lightning team jerseys china has talked with Eli many times, and has not achieved any results. Besides expressing his dislike for the lightning team, he said he wanted to go to the New York giants. The so-called Lang sentient concubine intentionally, the choice of lightning has always been very embarrassed with Manning’s eyes and eyes of the giants, had to take Philip Rivers in fourth place. The lightning knew how much the giant longed for little Manning, so they quickly planned to trade Eli to the giant, but at the expense of the giant, Rivers was a chip and a number of signs, including the first round of the next year. From then on, Eli became the player of the New York giants.

Although only a night of lightning players, history will remember this moment. Because Eli still has the Jersey in the picture. Recently, Eli was interviewed in the “Dan Patrick show” and asked whether he had retained the notorious Jersey.

“It does.” Eli said, “my mother likes it very much, and even has been reluctant to part nfl jerseys with it for some time. Then she said, “we don’t need this,” and then try to give it to someone else. What? Mother wants to send it to someone? It didn’t happen again, because Dad, Archie Manning, stopped it.

“I think my dad knew this,” said Eli, “and he said, ‘you know, we have to take time to prepare for it. This is a good story, why to throw it.” So I think he’s just preparing for a rainy day. ” What Eli says is not to predict what will happen in the future. In case of a return to lightning one day, the top shirt is not in, how embarrassing it is, so leave it for a rainy day.

All right, the whole play ends. Eli’s first NFL Jersey remains. It is lying in a wardrobe at home. Now we just need to know whether Philip – Rivers is also keeping the Colossus of the giant team, Rivers was selected by giants at fourth in 2004 and then traded to lightning. More tragically, he only played the giant player for 10 minutes that night.

When Manning took the team to win the super bowl, the lightning team was also very competitive with Rivers, combined with their giants’ selection of kicker NAT kart and line guard Sean mrieman, who were hard to say who made the deal. But ironically, the giant team led by little Manning, except for themselves, had only two teams not defeated, including lightning (the other was a pony). We can’t help sighing that history is really interesting.