Edelman’s appeal was rejected and will be banned.

On Tuesday, United States, the arbitrator dismissed the appeal (Julian Edelman). The Patriot take over will be forced to accept four penalties for the ban.

Earlier, he was found to have violated the alliance’s enhanced drug policy, but the substance that tested positive results was “not immediately detected”.

He will be absent from matches against Dezhou, jaguars, lions and dolphins. Last season, he played all 16 Regular matches, completed 98 passes, promoted 1106 yards, and scored 3 touchdown. Also push the ball forward 57 yards, back to 179 yards.

49 line guard Reuben Forster was banned in two games

Because of recent arrest for illegal possession of firearms and cannabis, Forster, the 49er players jerseys guard, will be punished for two games.

The Alliance announced the ban on Tuesday in the United States. Forster violated personal policy and drug abuse policy and could still participate in training camps and pre season games before being banned.

Forster wrote in a statement: “I accepted the alliance’s decision and apologized for the mistakes I made, and I hurt the team. I should be responsible for the team, the fans and the community. I will learn from my experience and do better in the future. I have been grateful for the support I have received over the past five months.

At first, Forster was prosecuted for suspicion of domestic violence. 49 people banned him from taking part in the off-season project. After the witness admitted to lying and Forster’s suspicion cleared, he returned to the training ground.

John Lynch said: “we understand and support the decision of the alliance. It’s also a pity that Reuben can’t play with the team nfl jerseys two weeks before the regular season. We will continue to guide him and make him make wiser decisions to reduce unnecessary troubles. It’s nice to see Reuben taking responsibility. “