2017 NFL draft first round in 28 on the curtain in the sunset in April. In this surprising first round pick, the players not only to the team has brought added strategy and tactics, but also brought us some anecdote, take a look at.

Top show brother was the CBA jerseys cheap Dunk Contest Champion

Champion Meyers – is recognized as the first player of the year, if you can keep healthy, he should be played in the future Hall of fame level performance. However, many fans do not know is that Gareth came from a family of sports, his brother named Sean -, is the 2007 NBA seventeenth CIS rookie (lower than the same level of the same number of the top 11 of the year), the new year’s. More coincidentally, Williams also came to China to play.

Williams’s mother Audrey Garrett, is Meyers Garrett’s mother. When Williams was very young, Audrey separated from his father, Laurence, and then with the father of the father, the father of the man, who was the father of the man, the father of the man, and the father of the man, who was the father of the father, and the father of the man, who was the father of the father, the father of the world. And then, it was with the father of the man, that of the father of. So Williams and Gareth’s half brother, so different surnames. They have a younger sister, brea Garrett, is Texas a history the first hammer champion NCAA. Three people grew up together, Williams did not like his younger brother and sister to go to school in his hometown, but went to the northeast, went to Boston College, where he is particularly famous for the ability to block. However, in 2007 was selected by the then New Jersey nets, he failed to succeed in the NBA based on the career of many multinational teams. After 2010, the nets laid off, he came to Chinese, short joined Fujian Xing Xun, 16 games, averaging 16 points and 11 rebounds and 4 blocked shots, also won the 2010 CBA all star game dunk contest. He then moved back to Puerto Rico and Israel, and then returned to NBA, where he played in Philippines in the 2017 season.
Watt brothers: Merry Christmas

Sports family can not only have Gareth, Houston Dezhou superstar defensive side Feng JJ- family is also constantly out of talent in the. Last year the Wyatt’s younger brother, the Secretary Wei Derek watts in the sixth round by the San Diego lightning team was still selected. This year the Secretary outside linebacker third brother TJ- Watt in the first round by the Pittsburgh Steelers selected. Coincidentally, this year the Dezhou Yankees and the Steelers happened to be in the local time on Christmas day meet, then the brothers will be staged in direct confrontation.

The JJ story we have in the Star Cross introduced, who is a Wisconsin man, two brothers also follow brother, in the local first school of University of Wisconsin student, also because there is a big brother and received more attention. His younger brother Derek while playing is not too important to all the health position, draft position is relatively low, but during the University and running back Melvin Gordon with very tacit understanding. So in 2015 after the election of Gordon, lightning and last year chose the Derek, but also hope that two nfl jerseys china people can continue to understand the University period.

And Samuel TJ played outside linebacker, its position is very important, and he also played the strength, has been considered to be in the first round at the end of the second round or top is selected. Interestingly, in the first round at the end of many teams, only the Steelers played a 3-4 formation, the other 4-3 team, more hope the defensive end, while TJ was only suitable for playing outside linebacker, therefore the Steelers before the draft is considered to be a TJ of a possible hidden in the home. The first round of the prediction we make in a day before the draft, put the Steelers TJ rationing. The final Steelers is welcomed, “chose TJ.

While the Steelers are popular at home TJ this thing, brother JJ is obviously clear. For the first time after the publication of choice in the Steelers, JJ immediately posted on social media content said, “Christmas is now becoming much more interesting @TJ w.” If you don’t do your homework, JJ may not be aware of it so quickly.

Christmas in the west is a family reunion day, so in fact during the holiday away from the game, the players are relatively unfamiliar environment, only to celebrate with his teammates. The veterans may be used to it, and the rookies need to adapt. From this point of view, TJ’s luck is very good, with the team to go to Houston in the Christmas game, can be at his brother’s home festival. In contrast, the younger brother of Derek’s luck was not so good, the lightning team will be on Christmas Eve at the east of New York, he could be with his teammates to celebrate the festival.