Jackson continues to prove that he is one of the true elite quarterbacks in NFL. He may eventually become an MVP, especially if the Ravens defeat the 49ers on Monday. He has adapted to a new attack plan and now looks very suitable. He is improving everyone around him. He can play a few games in every game, turning losses into victories. Jackson has not had a great playoff in his career yet, which will accompany him until it happens, but he is clearly a special player. This has raised the upper limit of the crow team. In most games, the Ravens have the best player jerseys.

Jackson will handle offense and defense well. The Ravens have performed exceptionally well in passing, despite not having an outstanding individual fast attacker, they still lead the league with a score of 50 bags. This is related to coordinator Mike Macdonald, who has performed well in defense during his two seasons with the Baltimore team. Defense can keep Baltimore team leading in any game. This may be the biggest reason why the Baltimore team leads every game with two minutes left in the game.

The Ravens are a well-trained and balanced team with a superstar quarterback and no obvious weaknesses. When the Crows and the 49ers meet on Monday night, we will see how close they are. Perhaps after that, the Ravens jersey will no longer be noticed by anyone.