Sixth (TIE) – Marshall Fokker 1998 season Indiana Colts

Terrell Davies 1998 Denver Broncos season

Comments: the 1998 season, two players have The brightness dazzles the eyes., each one has his good points. Davies ran 2008 yards, scored 21 runs, and averaged 5.1 yards per game, ranking first in the league. As a catcher, he was mediocre, with 217 yards of data with just 66% of the catch. In the case of Fogg, the ground runs 1319 yards, averaging 4.1 yards per ball, notably the fact that Fogg experienced second of the league’s tough ground defense. Even more impressive was the Fokker’s catch data, the 86 catch, the 908 yard, and the 4 touchdown, and maintained a 82% catch success rate. So, in the same season, Davies Terrell made nearly 30 years running back to run the best season, but Marshall – FOK achievements over the past 30 years running back the ball the best season.

If we only consider the running data, the top 5 season are the Denver Broncos Terrell Davies (season 1998), Washington Redskins Stephen Davies (season 1999), Terrell Davies (1997 season), the Dallas cowboys Emmet Smith (1995 season) and 2000 season Marshall Falk the. If we only consider receiving data, then the top five will be the 19981999 and 2000 season, the 2002 season, Garner and Larry Tsantes of the Arizona Cardinals 1995 season. In the past ten years, running performance in the best season running back home Minnesota Vikings 2012 season – Adrian Peterson (total ranked eleventh), while running back catching performance season best 2014 season in Pittsburgh belonging to the Steelers leviant – Baer (total seventh).

In the integration of these run guards running and catch data, we draw the following TOP5 findings, Marshall and Hermes Falk – Puleisite became the biggest winner.

The fifth – 2001 season Marshall Fokker Saint Louis rams

Comment: on the ground rush, Fokker gained 1382 yards and 12 touchdown data, only second behind Hermes, and in addition, he finished the 765 yard drive with 83 passes. Most importantly, 9 catches for touchdowns was unbelievable, tied the single season by the Brown team running back Leroy Huoade creation in the 1991 cheap jerseys season touchdown record running back the ball.

Fourth Puleisite – Hermes 2003 season Kansas chiefs

Comment: while on the schedule, Hermes faced a lot of powerful defensive team, but at the end of the season, he still handed over 1420 yards run, as well as 27 excellent achievements in the array. This data not only in the season crown league, but at that time set a run guard season record. In addition, Hermes also catch the ball to advance 690 yards, but failed to harvest a catch, so his catch data ranked the Minnesota Vikings after Mo – Williams, ranked second.

The third – 1999 season Marshall Fokker Saint Louis rams

Comment: Fogg harvested 1381 yards in the run, although he finished only 5 runs, he still ranked second in the season’s running data, only behind Stephen – Davies. However, it was also this season that he created the run guard’s single season number of –1048 yards, and scored the 5 catch by 84%.

Second Puleisite – Hermes 2002 season Kansas chiefs

Comments: Hermes run ball data ranked the season league (1615 yards, 21 touchdowns), during the past 30 years, the wholesale mlb jerseys single season run performance ranked sixth. At the same time, he also received 672 yards of catch yards with 86% of the catch, only after Garner was on the catch.

The first – 2000 season Marshall Fokker Saint Louis rams

Comments: in the 2000 season Faulk firepower, run on the ground and air line two data are first in the league. Over the past 30 years all the running backs, Falk 2000 season ranked fifth in the running performance, ranked sixth in the performance of the ball. 1359 yards on the ground run, first in the League all 5.4 yards and League 18 run the ball up front is his ground data. In addition, he also caught 830 yards and 8 catches with 81 passes. Better yet, Fogg didn’t miss the ball all season.